Three Reasons Why Ethereum Will Overtake BTC as Early as 2021

Brian Kelly is the founder and CEO of BKCM LLC, a cryptocurrency fund. While the world’s attention is focused on Bitcoin (BTC), he highlights Ethereum as a more reliable and promising investment asset.

“The fact that BTC is now the fastest growing and most expensive cryptocurrency does not mean that it will not be overtaken by another, more interesting competitor in the next 10 or15 years,” says Kelly.

So why Ethereum? Kelly identifies 3 main reasons why you should pay attention to the “second cryptocurrency” instead of the market leader.

1. “Ethereum futures are just around the corner”

Even considering that the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) decreed that Ethereum is not a stock, the introduction of ETH futures is quite possible, because there is already an Ethereum index, Kelly said.

“After the introduction of the ETH index, the value of the cryptocurrency soared by 30% in just a week. It is possible that if the futures are approved, the cryptocurrency will repeat or even surpass this growth,” he explains. 

2. Cryptocurrency mining software

One of the main reasons why Bitcoin is worse than ETH is the terrible harm to the environment from “mining” of the first cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is mined using graphics cards, which, in the process, emit a huge carbon footprint, comparable in scale to a country like New Zealand. 

At the same time, ETH is much more environmentally friendly, which is especially important in view of the upcoming UN meeting regarding the ecology, believes Kelly.

3. Ethereum is not just a currency

The third and perhaps the main feature of Ethereum is that it is not only an asset for saving or speculation, it is a whole “decentralized prediction market!”.

The decentralized and unregulated prediction platform Augur has been in development for about 3 years, the exact time is unknown. Its task is to analyze a huge amount of information (news, support and resistance levels, crowd behavior and a million more different factors) in order to produce unmistakable forecasts and signals for trading in the cryptocurrency market.

Although the platform is not ready yet, you can already find an unofficial project on the net that uses the Augur technology. Officially, the partnership between CryptoTrader and the Augur platform has not been confirmed, but the huge number of profit publications speaks for itself. 

Here are some examples:

“Ethereum-linked platform gives recommendations on the purchase or sale of its own cryptocurrency. It sounds absurd, but it’s true!”, says Kelly.

“So far, the platform successfully predicts the movement of other currencies, as well. You can see for yourself”, says the investor.

“You can make money on speculation, but this is a big risk, you need to have knowledge and skills to predict cryptocurrency movements. I remain loyal to Ethereum cryptocurrency, so much so that 20% of my assets are invested in ETH. But now there is a more interesting and reliable option – CryptoTrader. I will continue to follow the development of this platform and its results. I can afford not to stretch for yield,” concluded Kelly.

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