CryptoGames: The Modern House of Crypto Gambling

CryptoGames is an entirely new-age cryptocurrency-oriented gambling website that is Curacao-based. The online casino is open for every online gambling enthusiast who wants to explore the idea of crypto gambling with highly efficient systems and aptly engaging games on the market. The website is founded with a simple user interface that supports all smart devices. Digital gamblers can access CryptoGames’ platform from any part of the world through a strong internet connection. Using the efficiently versatile transaction system, the gamblers on board can enjoy gambling at the casino with popular cryptocurrencies. The fair gambling website has many user-friendly features and is accurately created for smooth gaming.

The Casino’s Setup on the Inside

The first noticeable part about the casino is that the architecture doesn’t keep space for irrelevant ads or unwanted pop-ups. Each tab has been designed to direct the players toward their dedicated pages. This means there are no phishing redirect links that can cause unwanted interruptions. MuchGaming B.V. opens up the doors of CryptoGames for players from all around the world. Through explicit mentions of the policies and terms of service, the casino keeps all its activities transparent for gamblers. In the space, the transaction system allows players to make payments using fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies per their preference. Players can enjoy the games and use modern transaction systems from their devices. The casino’s diverse entertainment space developed ten games with low house edges and noteworthy architecture.


Straightforward and Fast Transaction Methods

CryptoGames based all of its services on a fast cryptocurrency-based system that is accessible with both virtual and fiat currencies. Fiat and virtual currencies can be used for currency-to-currency conversion services for playing ten games on the website. The players can use the ten available cryptocurrencies or deposit fiat currencies for playing the games. If, in any case, they use the ones that are not available on the website, they may exchange other cryptocurrencies through ChangeNow. The casino also has enabled a deposit system that fully supports fiat currency deposits through credit cards. Players can use the updated deposit system if they want to play at the casino using fiat currency or credit cards. The fiat deposits can be completed through Onramper, a third-party fiat-crypto gateway aggregator. Since the aggregator is not officially connected with CryptoGames, players must pass the KYC process and verification at the Onramper website to make the deposits.

Moreover, the crypto-to-crypto exchange platform ChangeNOW has been active since 2017 to process instant exchanges without additional complications. The platform allows players to exchange their cryptocurrencies without registering or creating an account on the website.; this means players of CryptoGames can easily trade any cryptocurrencies to play at the casino. They will be able to choose over 250 cryptocurrencies. CryptoGames keeps two registration processes open for all its players. The two are: Basic and Complete. While the first one allows the players to check out nine games and the overall features with Play Money for free, the latter must be completed to enable transactions for actual crypto gambling. Players meeting the age requirements must be fully registered at the casino to use their crypto funds. If players violate the rules and regulations, the casino will ban their accounts from further activities.

Betting is Fair and Transparent for All

CryptoGames meets the unavoidable requirement of complete transparency by making its casino wholly legal and transparent. The casino operates under the license of the Curacao Government. It keeps all its terms of services transparent on the website. The casino also declares all its fair policies for gambling and uses fair advanced technology to process the results. The system is equally suitable for everyone as it keeps all options for verification or rechecks open for any player. CryptoGames provides full transparency for processing all the bets through Provably Fair technology and Random Picker (for all Lottery draws).


Supported Coins

CryptoGames supports multiple digital coins, including  Solana, Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc, prevalent cryptocurrencies of recent times. The list of supported cryptocurrencies includes:



Bitcoin Cash,



Ethereum Classic,




and Solana.

As mentioned above, a wide range of payment methods are available in the casino, allowing fully registered players access. Fully registered players can transact all these cryptocurrencies through flexible options like Credit cards, digital e-wallets, and even the traditional alternative payment methods at the website.

Classic Sources of Casino Entertainment

The game list at CryptoGames is easily accessible overall. It has the full potential to entertain the players with versatile games. On the website, players enjoy card games like Blackjack and Video Poker, table games like Roulette, and many more demonstrably bonus parts, like progressive jackpots, royal flushes, etc.

The entire game list of CryptoGames is the product of many skilled developers’ modern vision, which is why all its gaming elements come in efficient versions. The casino’s entertainment serves all the players who are always seeking to explore new things fairly and equally. The compact list is also great for devices since there are no heavily designed games or lagging elements.


On the website’s front page, the casino displays Dice as the first game for anyone visiting the website. Anyone clicking on the Play Now button for the first time will see Dice as the first game that pops up for them. Dice is available for all cryptocurrencies and the use of Play Money. The game also includes an excellent winning range and highly lucrative jackpots players can aim to win. In Dice, players may manually place individual bet amounts or by using the “Auto Bet” feature. The Auto Betting option is always available for running bets for multiple rounds. Players place numerous bets in one take with the innovative feature.


Out of the two highly lucrative card games offered at CryptoGames, Blackjack is widely known to many gamblers for its second name, 21. Players form their hands with caution against the house using their best intuition and card knowledge. They can use ten cryptocurrencies and Play Money in Blackjack. Every player builds their hand while trying not to cross the 21 points threshold. The house starts dealing the cards when players set up the amount customization for the bet. The first two cards dealt to the players may also form 21 points to reward the players immediately. Since the game’s primary goal is to earn 21 points, the players must form their hands without letting the total exceed 21 points. The moment someone crosses the limit, they will lose the game, and the other player will be compensated.


Although all other games at CryptoGames’ casino can be accessed using ten coins, Lottery is an exception for the players. The game is available for only these four: Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. To participate in the lucky draws, the players must purchase tickets from the dedicated tab accessed on the game’s page. Or they can also use the chatbox commands to buy the tickets for ongoing rounds. The game offers the most straightforward rules, which unbiasedly compensate the players upon winning. The lucky Lottery draws come with 0 house edge, so the winners are compensated with the full amounts. Players can purchase tickets using any cryptocurrency (of the four) depending on the prize amount they each carry. Every lucky ticket is drawn with the third-party application known as Random Picker to verify the fairness of all rounds.


The table game representing a European version wheel is available at CryptoGames in its true versatility. The crypto version at the casino consists of 37 numbers and one 0. The neatly designed wheel spins as soon as the players hit SPIN after customizing their bets. If the small ball thrown on the wheel reaches the neighbor bets the players had chosen before the game began, then the bet is a winning bet. The beginners may understand the game better by following helpful guidelines and using the Play Money feature. They can also explore the automatic “Neighbour Bets” feature, which automatically displays four neighbor bets on the betting table.


Plinko is a classic game of luck presented entirely in its digital crypto version. The game has a loyal player base that enjoys the simplicity it offers. CryptoGames keeps its classic design from the 80s in its modern version, which includes a classic yet digitally pegged pyramid and four different colored balls. The digital version of the game has all the available colors displayed as different colors of pegs on the pyramid, along with their payout multiplier. All colors have different house edges and payout multipliers. The game is simple to understand even for beginner-level gamblers.


The developers of Dice have introduced DiceV2 with a similar objective as Dice. In the objective of the latest version, players must make correct predictions to win the bet. The game is available for all ten cryptocurrencies and the Play Money feature. In DiceV2, the players roll their dice on a slider for any of the two options, and they can either roll over or under two specific numbers. If the bet result is correct, players win their rewards according to the payout multiplier chosen at the beginning of the game. The new slider bar can also display the payout multiplier, players winning chances and the result all in one bar. Players can follow the game’s easy manuals, use the auto-betting functions, and look out for the progressive Jackpot.


The iconic puzzle game enhances the CryptoGames casino experience for players through its crypto version. Every beginner-level gamblers and veterans seek out this game for its lucrative cashout option that allows players to withdraw their winnings at any point during the game. Unless a move hits a mine, the players can cash out their rewards anytime. And the game will give them the amount they have earned (until the cashout is made) without any further continuation. Players can also change the game’s difficulty level according to their choices. They can also opt to play the most challenging level with only one mine on the field to win the biggest reward. The players must remove the entire minefield to win the most from the field.

Video Poker:

Along with Blackjack AKA 21, Video Poker enhances the card gambling experience of the players with all its three different versions. Any gambler can play the versions directly from the game’s page by clicking on the switch tab at the top left corner. The three variants can be accessed and played with all ten cryptocurrencies and Play Money. Players who choose to play Video Poker will find Jacks or Better as the first version displayed on the board. They can also select Tens or Better and Bonus Poker from the tab and change the cryptocurrency as they want. All variants have their house edges and payout multiplier. A player is free to pick and discard the cards manually or by using the smart feature, Smart Hold. They can also look out for the lucrative Royal Flush to experience more from the game.


One of the most happening games at the casino of CryptoGames is the Slot game that offers accessible entertainment for all its players. The game is available for all the players on board with ten cryptocurrencies and Play Money. On the Slot, the players spin five reels to meet a row of colorful symbols lined up in the middle to form a winning combination. The Slot is one of the easiest games to gamble with cryptocurrencies for beginners with no prior gambling experience. The version at CryptoGames has seven winning combinations all carrying individual payout amounts. The game rules don’t require the symbols to line up in any specific order on the machine.


Keno is a purely luck-based casino game that is one of the most underrated games in the casinos but made its way into CryptoGames casino, their latest addition with modern dimension and variation. At CryptoGames, Keno is played with ten different cryptocurrencies and Play Money. The game is easy for Lottery players as it comes with an objective similar to the one of the Lottery. Keno has a simple design consisting of a field representing a poll of numbers where players pick their lucky ones to win. 40 numbers in total (1-40) are initially presented on the field. Once the players pick the numbers (they may pick 1  to 10), the numbers are marked in golden. Players can adjust the payout multipliers using the drop-down tab which allows the players to select from 4 options. The payout multiplier options are Classic, Low, Medium, and High. Players will notice changes in the payout multipliers when they choose any one of these. The payout multipliers will decide how much the ultimate winning amount will be. If the players pick correct numbers then they will be compensated immediately.


Fastest Sign-Up Option for New Players


With zero chances of lengthy sign-up processes, CryptoGames’ most uncomplicated registration process allows the players to take a look at the casino for free. The system allows all new players to create a basic account to check out 9 of its games along with their features, the free Play Money, and its rewarding Faucet feature. The Play Money allows the players to freely practice the steps and rules of the games as many times as they want without being fully registered or using any cryptocurrency. By creating a unique username, new players can set up their basic accounts in no time and begin playing at the casino.

Ways to Win More Lucrative Rewards

Through Rainbot and Faucet

The entire concept of CryptoGames focuses on many advanced features that are innovative and rewarding simultaneously. These reward systems have many different features that also include many exciting events. Each feature enhances the fair gambling experience for all the curious players equally. The casino’s two widely used rewarding features are the Rainbot and the Faucet feature. The Rainbot is a crypto reward feature that rewards players in small amounts of cryptocurrencies. Players earn small amounts of cryptocurrencies for being active and engaging. They also earn points that level up their profiles through their active days for additional rewards. With the help of increased levels, they can also benefit from the Faucet feature, which is responsible for rewarding the players with the Play currency. The free Faucet allows the players to earn an amount of Play currency to practice their strategies and learn the rules of the games before placing any bets using cryptocurrencies.

Share Promotional Codes and Enjoy VIP Memberships

More ways to add guaranteed rewards from the casino include sharing promotional codes and winning VIP memberships. On the website, the players can find links to many promotional events and referral codes from the “Rewards” and “Promotions” tabs or the FAQ section. Players can share their casino experiences by sharing referral codes with others. Sharing the referral codes allows the players to earn lifetime rewards where they earn 15% of the house edge from every bet their referred players place. The referrers and all the players can also join the promotional events that the casino hosts weekly. The events include promotional banners and many games to participate in during the continuous period.

On top of that, CryptoGames encourages players to show off their gambling potential and skills through monthly contests where the competitiveness among each player rises relatively. Winners from the monthly betting events have the opportunity to win month-long VIP memberships. They are rewarded with the following month-long facilities:

  1. Dice’s 1.0% house edge becomes 0.8% for an entire month.
  2. Uninterrupted and high priority and better exchange limits on all bets, regardless of how big or small they are.
  3. Chatting privileges with the managers of the casino through the VIP chatroom.
  4. The casino sends birthday gifts to their accounts worth $100 of Bitcoin; this applies to all players holding tier 3 verification (KYC) or higher levels.
  5. Faucet levels give out more Play Money to the VIP members for an entire month.
  6. The casino also sends Gift Vouchers in various amounts (depending on the winner’s score).

CryptoGames Serving Efficient Gambling Unbiasedly

With a list of well-arranged traits, CryptoGames builds an efficient casino for the online gambling community that also includes strong measures now highly sought on the internet. The casino is not only constantly updating its systems according to every need of its gamblers but also neatly presenting itself on social media platforms. Hence, CryptoGames can promote and draw keen crypto gamblers with their thoughtful measures, like responsible gambling policies that prevent gambling addiction. In a nutshell, the casino offers all the resources, such as; well-designed architecture catering to both entertainment and new age gambling innovations, for any gambler that walks into the space. It is a safe space to engage in modern casino entertainment using some of the internet’s prevalent cryptocurrencies.

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