NFTPs hitting bottom? Charmin joins in on the latest crypto craze

Who knew we’d still be competing to buy toilet paper in 2021?

The non-fungible token market isn’t limited to digital sports collectibles and art connoisseurs — big brand names are getting in on the action too.

Toilet paper manufacturer Charmin listed five different versions of its non-fungible toilet paper, or NFTP, for sale on Rarible’s marketplace today. The NFTPs feature decorated (as well as plain) toilet rolls, and include images of the brand’s family of bear mascots. Charmin said all proceeds from the NFT sales will go towards the non-profit organization Direct Relief, which provides resources to medical professionals in disaster-affected areas.

The toilet paper manufacturer said each NFTP would be sold with a physical display for crypto users to hang the artwork in the bathroom next to their real, slightly more fungible toilet paper. The highest bid on one of the pieces is 1 Wrapped Ethereum (WETH) at time of publication, worth roughly $1,800. Even with some stores still restricting the sale of toilet paper, that is one expensive roll.

The Procter & Gamble subsidiary is the latest major brand to jump into the NFT space following weeks of seemingly comical to the point of absurd additions to the rising crypto craze. Earlier this month, Taco Bell released an NFT featuring its logo on the Rarible marketplace. News outlet Quartz also reported on the technology while releasing the article itself as an NFT.

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