Galileo Exchange Presents the GLT Token and Introduces ‘Zero Edge’ Trading

Galileo Exchange is an innovative ‘hybrid’ trading platform built with elements of a crypto exchange, a DeFi project, and a gaming platform. It combines these essential elements to bring trustworthiness, innovation, value and entertainment. Among the most interesting features it introduces are the Gelt (GLT) token and ‘Zero Edge’ trading.

Zero Fees, Zero Spread, Zero Commissions

Galileo Exchange is a breakthrough in trader engagement, fun, and profitability. The platform is designed for leveling the playing field by removing all frictions to trading, offering excellent user experience, super-fast action, high-profit potential, and generous incentives. It is powered by the GLT token, guaranteed to return 100% of funds wagered back to its users.

The Galileo platform has elements of a Crypto exchange, a DeFi project, and a Gaming platform. As an exchange, traders can speculate on the price movement of hybrid digital assets; as a DeFi project, it has a token (GLT) with multiple use cases such as zero edge trading, yield farming, and more. The gaming element of the platform is one of the main advantages of trading on Galileo Exchange and provides non-stop trading opportunities with instant gratification.

Hybrid digital indexes are what is “traded” on the Galileo Exchange. A hybrid Index is a tokenized index created by blending a base currency pair with Atmospheric Noise (ATN), forming a new asset class of hybrid ‘atmospheric’ commodities. This allows more opportunity for speculation, trade setups, and generally a more dynamic trading experience. Due to the randomness of atmospheric noise, the shorter the time frame of a trade the less you can control it with fundamental analysis. The longer the time frame of a trade, the more fundamentals it follows, as in the long run the hybrid index always follows the base asset.

There are no spreads or slippage on Galileo Exchange. You get in at the price you see and you get out at the same price, no slippages and no spreads. Even no commissions are possible for a genuinely zero-edge trading experience when trading using the GLT token.

Built for Day Traders by Day Traders

Galileo Exchange is developed and built by day traders for day traders. It’s for the serious trader and the recreational speculator who would like to turn a nice profit in a short time. Galileo’s state of the art interface can be used in many different ways. Users can apply many different strategies and utilize their own style of how they’d like to approach trading, whether cautiously or with a little appetite for risk and high profit. It is also a great social platform as traders of different levels and skills compete against each other in weekly trading tournaments and challenges for real cash and bonus prizes.

The GLT token will be released via an Initial Bonding Curve Offering. Using GLT tokens on the platform enhances users experience and accelerates token holders’ paths to profitability. The token is also an interest bearing (yield farming) token that pays daily interest to its holders, whether sitting idle in the account or in trading. The token and token economy adds additional engagement levels through potential profit-making and increases the user’s experience. The IBCO for the GLT token will be held during the 1st quarter of 2021.

Galileo Exchange behaves as a constant liquidity provider through its bonding curve. When GLT’s are bought & sold on the exchange, the token price increases or decreases at predefined price points on the curve. All BTC’s used to purchase GLT’s, either for investing or trading, are accumulated and never spent; this serves as the backup pool of BTC funds for all GLT’s in circulation. The bonding curve ensures that users know what the liquidity is at any time. Any increase in the dollar value of BTC also increases the dollar value of the GLT.

To help new traders enter the ecosystem, the platform also features the FunGelt (FGLT) token – a play-for-fun version of the GLT token and a free top-up faucet service. FGLT users enjoy the full ‘zero-edge’ trading experience, and use them to enter grand prize tournaments. Trading FunGelt on the platform can also be used as a teaching aid or a tool that helps one learn about trading and technical analysis.

Galileo Exchange operates under Australian law, governed under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Victorian Courts. KYC is not required until daily deposits or withdrawals meet or exceed $1,000 AUD. To learn more and start trading visit Galileo.Exchange right now!

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