Famed NFT Artist Bosslogic to Create 2500 Exclusive Pieces for Ethernity Community

Top-selling non-fungible token (NFT) artist Bosslogic has partnered with art collective Ethernity to deliver a 2500 piece collection of unique art. The Ethernity Chain community members can take part in an NFT auction via an online competition.

Bosslogic Collaboration Decision Dovetails Surging Crypto Collectible Sales

Following his recent successes in the non-fungible token (NFT) space, acclaimed artist Bosslogic has joined forces with socially-oriented NFT-issuance platform Ethernity Chain. Ethernity auctions authenticated digital art and collectibles, with proceeds benefiting various social causes while building more mainstream attention around digital art possibilities.

Bosslogic has long been a fixture in art and design thanks to his acclaimed work with organizations like Marvel Studios and Disney+, among many others. His loyal following extends well beyond the crypto sphere, given his widespread popularity in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) community. A recent poster for ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ put Bosslogic right in the spotlight, sparking a debate amongst MCU fans regarding the future of the latest Spider-Man film series.

Beyond his work in comic art, Bosslogic has since leveraged his graphic design and illustration skills to build a cutting-edge presence in the digital realm. The latest Ethernity partnership represents another foray into the NFT arena for Bosslogic after recording spectacular sales results in February amid a boom in NFT interest.

NFT Market Experiencing Exponential Expansion In Demand

Bosslogic’s commercial success in the cutting-edge crypto arena reflects the explosive demand for these digital collectibles. In February alone, Bosslogic sold $3.6 million worth of NFT work to crypto collectors. This result echoes other developments in the space, like Canadian musician and artist Grime’s sale of $6 million worth of NFTs at the end of February and NBA Top Shot’s enormous $230 million NFT haul.

The 2500 exclusive Bosslogic pieces will cost 0.299 ETH apiece, with Ethernity viewing this collaboration as a chance to reward its loyal community members following other high-profile NFT initiatives. To drive more interest in its latest sales and auction, Ethernity has launched a competition for platform users. The event commences on March 7th with a public auction of Legendary Graded Shadowless Bosslogic with a starting price of 3.45 ETH.

Ethernity community members who want a chance to claim one of the 2500 exclusive NFTs can gain a spot by following Ethernity Chain and Bosslogic on Twitter and joining Ethernity’s official Telegram and ANN channels. Afterward, users should retweet the Bosslogic tweet tagging two friends while inserting hashtags including #NFT, #EthernityChain, #Bosslogic, and $ERN.

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